Madiba Foundation Partners other Groups to Host International Youth Day Summit 2023

In a collaborative effort to empower and engage Nigerian youth towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Madiba Foundation for Good Governance and the Center for Journalism and Innovative Development (CJID) joined forces with the Sustainable Development Goals Community Development Service (CDS) Group of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Abuja to host International Youth Day Summit in Abuja. The event which was held in Abuja was tagged “Amplifying Youth Voices as Torchbearers for SDGs.”

The summit was graced by esteemed speakers and panellists who shared their insights on various aspects of youth empowerment, innovation, and the path to achieving the SDGs in Nigeria. Among the distinguished speakers was Mr. Fredrick Adetiba, the Executive Director of the Madiba Foundation for Good Governance. In his goodwill message, Mr Adetiba lauded the Nigerian youth for their boundless energy, unwavering commitment, and profound passion. He emphasized that these qualities serve as a beacon of hope for a new Nigeria, showcasing the potential for transformative change driven by the youth.

During the engaging panel session, Dr. Tobi Oluwatola, the Executive Director of CJID, and Remi Osifo, the Lead Curator of the Abuja City Tourist, shared invaluable insights into youth innovation, technology, job creation, and the imperative of green skills. Their discussions shed light on the critical role that youth play in shaping the future of Nigeria, particularly in the context of sustainable development.

The Madiba Foundation’s Programs Manager took the opportunity to encourage the corps members in attendance to register and join the Organising for a New Nigeria (ONN) movement. She provided an overview of ONN, outlining its objectives, goals, and approach. ONN’s mission is to catalyze positive change by empowering young Nigerians to actively participate in the nation’s development.

Ann James, a renowned humanitarian and global youth ambassador, delivered a compelling talk on the significance of volunteering and the youth’s vital role in responding to humanitarian crises. Her inspiring words underscored the importance of selfless service in making a difference in society.

A particularly insightful panel session featured Mr Fredrick Adetiba and Mr Mboho Eno, the Deputy Director of, the Accountability Program at CJID. They engaged in a thoughtful discussion on youth participation in governance and decision-making processes, emphasizing the need for a more inclusive approach that takes into account the voices and perspectives of the younger generation. Additionally, Mr. Bisan Habu, the Partnership and Grant Manager at CJID, shared valuable insights on the strategies for partnering with organizations and accessing SDG funding in Nigeria.

The event culminated in a memorable moment when the Sustainable Development Goals CDS Group NYSC Abuja expressed their gratitude by presenting certificates of appreciation to the partners. This gesture acknowledged the invaluable contributions of the Madiba Foundation for Good Governance and CJID in fostering youth empowerment and advancing the cause of sustainable development in Nigeria.

In conclusion, the International Youth Day Summit 2023 in Abuja served as a platform for inspiration, education, and collaboration, bringing together organizations, experts, and young change-makers committed to amplifying youth voices and championing the SDGs in Nigeria. It was a testament to the collective dedication to building a brighter and more sustainable future for the nation, with the youth at the forefront.


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