Madiba Foundation Took ONN to the University of Abuja

The Madiba Foundation partnered with the Students Union Government (SUG) of the University of Abuja to organise the 2024 orientation exercise for new students. The event which took place on the 6th of March 2024 had over 700 students in attendance from various faculties and departments.

The Executive Director of the Foundation, Olumide Fred’ Adetiba used the opportunity to encourage the new students to take advantage of the opportunity that has been given to them to develop the seed of greatness that they all carry. He told them that the outcome of their studies will be determined by the choices they will make daily starting from day one on campus.

Olumide also used the opportunity to tell them about the Foundation and particularly about the Organising for a New Nigeria (ONN) Movement that seeks to harness the energy, creativity and ingenuity of young people to drive development and promote good governance in Nigeria. The students were told that the future of the country rests in their hands and they should start now to contribute to the building of that future, by joining the movement.

After going through the benefits of joining the movement, Ozohu, the Programme Manager took the students through the registration process. A number of the students were excited about being a part of the movement.

To further the collaboration between the student body and the Madiba Foundation, there was a side meeting with the SUG President and the Faculty Presidents that were present. The Foundation reiterates its commitment to continue to support the student body.


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