Madiba Foundation Takes I-Pledge-To-Vote Campaign to Garki International Market in Abuja

The Madiba Foundation for Good Governance I-Pledge-To-Vote Campaign at the Garki International Market

The I-Pledge-To-Vote Campaign, which kicked off in Nasarawa State in June 2022, was taken to Garki International Market in Abuja, where the Madiba Team went from door to door, encouraging shoppers and shop owners to participate in the next general elections.

The campaign was aimed at sensitizing the people on the need to register, get their PVCs and, most importantly, turn en masse next year to cast their votes for their preferred candidates.

The people were also encouraged to actively participate in the process of governance and development by holding the leaders they elect accountable after the elections to ensure they deliver on their campaign promises.

The campaign was well received as a number of people came out to make various enquiries regarding the registration and voting process.

A significant number of people that spoke to our team expressed their interest and willingness to take part in the electoral process. They, however, expressed their frustration with the registration process which according to them is usually strenuous.

According to Awotunde, a shop owner, “I have not been able to register because the INEC office is always crowded with people who want to register or have their capturing done”.

Yakubu, another shop owner said he closed his shop for one week and was still unable to register. The majority of the people spoken to pleaded that INEC should have a spot in the market to facilitate registration and allow more people to exercise their civic responsibility.

The Madiba Team assured the people that necessary arrangements would be made to ensure a registration booth is set up in the market so that those who are yet to register can be registered.

To deepen the awareness, pamphlets containing information about the campaign and the need for citizens to vote were distributed to the people. The I-Pledge-To-Vote T-shirts and fez caps were also distributed.


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