Climate Change

The impact of climate change is felt most acutely by vulnerable populations in Africa.  Our role is to raise awareness about these threats and support communities in adapting to the changing environment.  We promote environmentally sustainable practices that not only address climate change but also protect ecosystems.  Finally, we advocate for climate justice, ensuring that polluters are held accountable for mitigating the impact of climate change on Africa.

  • Raising awareness about the impact of climate change on vulnerable populations in Africa.

  • Supporting adaptation strategies that help communities cope with the effects of climate change.

  • Promoting environmentally sustainable practices that address the causes of climate change and protect ecosystems.

  • Advocating for climate justice and holding polluters accountable for mitigating climate change impacts on Africa.

The World Climate Clock

The World Clock project is centered on a simple tool: a clock that counts down the critical time window to reach zero emissions (our “Deadline”), while tracking our progress on key solution pathways (“Lifelines”).

By showing us what we need to do by when, the Clock frames our critical mission — a rapid and just transition to a safe climate future — and puts it at the very forefront of our attention.


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