Clean-up Project by ONN Members in Abuja

Members of Organizing for a New Nigeria (ONN) are taking an active role in bringing about positive change in Nigeria. ONN is a youth-focused initiative dedicated to driving development and promoting good governance in Nigeria. Recently, a few ONN members in Abuja undertook an inspiring environmental clean-up initiative.
The ONN members identified a neglected area on their street filled with trash and overgrown flowers. Instead of waiting leaving it that way, they took matters into their own hands. Their initiative aimed to not only restore cleanliness but also set an example for fellow Nigerians, emphasizing the importance of civic engagement and collective responsibility.
With a strong sense of purpose, the ONN members comprising, Jessica Lot, Finance & Admin Manager, Ozohu Otonoku, Programmes Manager, Kunle Amuwo, Administrative Assistant, Diran Adeyemi, Digitals Communications Manager, and Emmanuel Ekwe, Programmes Director for FIST Africa mobilized resources amongst themselves to execute the project. They cleaned up the environment and trimmed the overgrown flowers showcasing the power of unity and collective action.
ONN’s clean-up effort serves as a symbol of hope and embodies the change they wish to see in Nigeria. By taking responsibility for their environment, they hope to inspire every Nigerian to contribute to a cleaner, healthier, and more vibrant nation.
These actions demonstrate that change starts at home, and every citizen plays a role in creating a better future. Their environmental clean-up initiative showcases the potential of Nigerian youth when they unite with a shared vision of a brighter tomorrow.
ONN’s unwavering commitment to inspiring positive change in Nigeria is evident through this clean-up initiative. They have not only improved their local environment but also set a powerful example for all Nigerians to follow.
ONN’s message is clear: Nigeria’s youth are ready to be the change they want to see, and their actions encourage others to join them on this transformative journey.
As Nigeria’s youth continue to take proactive steps toward a brighter future, ONN remains a source of hope and motivation for them and the country. To join them in making a positive impact, visit and share your contributions using the “i-report” feature on the website.
A new Nigeria is indeed possible when we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

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